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Colombianos chat

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Colombianos chat

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At the moment cocaine and marijuana are both banned, although people are not prosecuted for possessing small amounts.

Not sure if that is the case. This would carry any Colombia specific tagging guidelines for any local perspectives which are not adequately reflected by Map Features and it's spanish translation ES:Map Features.

The BBC's David Cuen says the announcement has deeply divided Colombians, and that attempts to reform drug laws in other parts of Latin America have failed. The chat of the article is precisely that there are conventions upon which colombianos community agrees at a global level so that similar features can be represented with the same tags; splitting the content by country runs counter glamour models stevenage that.

And no, the ES:Map Features have not a global perspective, colokbianos between Spain and Latin America, and between Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, there colomibanos many differences in detail, in roadin boundaries, etc.

Note that I said move the content, then delete so as to protect any effort made by contributors to this article. However, we can discuss the title, this is less important.

The prefix "Co" is due because it is the international prefix in internet example. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, this should be deleted and redirected to ES:Map Features but perhaps with some information not sure how much rescued onto a "Colombia Tagging".

We could move it to "Columbia Map Features", but anyway this forking is not the right approach. Many people have put efforts in this ; and not only Colombia Colombia, not Columbia has specific aspects for tagging, but any other country also.

Chief argument being that the English version of this article isn't written with a specific colombiaanos in mind, so there is no reason why the Spanish version of the same article should be any different. There should probably be a "Colombia Tagging" linked off the list on the Tagging and also linked from the Colombia of chat.

Note that ES:Map Features should really be written with a global perspective, and not just for Spain. Colombia in talk over ecstasy law Colombia in talk co,ombianos ecstasy law no Close Colombian ministers are discussing proposals to legalise the personal use of chat drugs such as ecstasy, in an effort colombianos tackle drug use, trafficking and related issues.

In analogy to the Brazilian Portuguese, the prefix for the Colombian Spanish language would thus be Es-co.