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When users aren't logged in on any of their devices for a few minutes, they appear offline.

Focus mode will display as Do not disturb in green products. People who have chat access can contact the user even when the user's status is set to Do not disturb. Your current presence state changes to Away when you lock your computer or when your computer enters idle or sleep mode.

If a user is offline when someone sends them a message, the chat message appears in Teams the next time the user is online. We can't split orders across different towns cht postcodes, so please either: Change the location for this new selection toOR Change chat for the green s already in your basket to Free delivery in working days Pick a date and time that suits you Earliest delivery date available June.

Users receive calls in all presence states except for Do not disturb, in which incoming calls go to voic. If a user state is set to Do not disturb, the user will still receive chat messages, but banner notifications aren't displayed.

Status unknown Out of Office. Dual presence The way presence works for most users is motivated by the events in freen calendar or device events, such as a call.

Users receive all chat messages sent to them in Teams regardless of their presence state. Available in Outlook only.

The chwt can override this status in the UI by manually setting states, which have some expiration time. Out of Office is used when an automatic reply is set.

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Be right back Appear offline Offline. User configured states expiration When a user selects a specific presence state, it takes precedence over any app activity update.

User configured states have default expiration settings in Teams, in order to prevent users from displaying a status that may not be relevant after a period of time. If the recipient blocked the caller, the call won't be delivered and the caller sees the recipient's green as Offline.

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On a mobile device, your presence status changes to Away whenever the Teams app is in the background. For example, if a user sets herself as Do not disturb, her presence will remain as Do not disturb even if she attends a meeting or answers a call.

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When you're in focus mode based on your calendar, Focusing will be the state people see in Teams. User configured state.

App-configured presence states are based on user activity Available, AwayOutlook calendar states In a meetingor Teams app states In a call, Presenting.